Ray, Baby hurt

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Tue Jan 8 17:59:50 CST 2008

I had a feeling when he was holding the knee he may have down the line 
problems with it. His adrenalin got him through the game but sometimes the 
ache's come on worse the next day or so. What amazes me is how many and how 
hard Rondo has gone down without any seemingly effects, but he's a feather.

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>>Peter Delevett <pdelevett at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Same story also says the Cs also may be without big
>>baby, who apparently hurt his knee against the
>>Pistons. I think he injured it while putting his foot
>>up Rasheed Wallace's ass.
> Big Baby hurt his knee when he was fouled and fell
> while making a layup. You could see him lying on the
> floor, holding his knee, obviously in a lot of pain.
> He did get up, hit the free throws, and stay in the
> game. But it was worrisome.
> I'm sorry to hear it's still bothering him, and hope it's
> not serious.
> -- Eric
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