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Tue Jan 8 07:52:29 CST 2008

Happy New Year folks.
I have just recently completed a 4-game swing from with the Chicago game on 8th December (as mentioned previously) followed by the Milwaukee game (14th December), Detroit (21st December) and Orlando (23rd December). An impressive set of games albeit the one loss to the visiting Pistons.
First impressions- we could have used Scal in the Pistons game. As surprising as it is but his outside shot, which has had some success over the years, could have been utilised in this game with multiple opportunities from around the three point line. Glen Davis has been sensational but he had to pass up the open long-shots in this game (having said that he pretty much won the following Pistons game for us from inside). This option is in Doc’s hands.
Another (similar) issue that could be addressed as the season progresses and over the next couple of years- Perkins will need to develop a mid-range jump shot. So many times he has been intentionally left wide open around the free-throw line or at the top of the key and he does not consider shooting it at all it seems. This YouTube video proves that he can make the open shot (although the title does note that it is rare):
Furthermore, now is the time for him to start developing his jump shot for his future and also because we have Ray Allen on board. I’m sure Allen is one of the geniuses behind Rondo’s promising jump shot these days. The next shooting project will be Davis.
Those 2 similar items are just a few of the things I saw in the games I watched, but there were lots of promising signs. 
Firstly, the fire of the second unit keeping up the intensity when they enter the game will prove important towards the end of the season and into the playoffs. I am particularly impressed by the depth of the bench with Scot Pollard, Scal and Leon Powe all mostly waiting for their chance. Powe may get his chance later this season and beyond.
Rondo was sensational in the games I saw. It seems in every game he has at least one play that makes me smile from ear-to-ear and Garnett loves him also. Rondo also made a fast start in terms of scoring in 3 of the 4 games mentioned, something that can be utilised when needed.
The Big 3 were great as usual as were Eddie House and Tony Allen- who is quickly improving once again. It would have been good to see TA on Billups earlier than the last minute, he could have stopped at least one of Billups’s post-up plays.
I look forward to the All-Star game and the All-Star Rookie game starring “Big Baby” hopefully.

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