Point guard not named Rajon

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I thought I saw something in the paper a few days ago that said that 
Payton's people did approach Ainge, but Ainge said, "No thanks."  
Interesting - I wonder if it was felt that his personality wasn't right 
for the position.  Is a future hall of famer ready to play backup to a 
second-year guy?

As for Cassell, he's been hurt most of the year and, while he is 
playing, he's still nowhere near 100%.  He's also 38 years old.  For 
minimum money for the rest of the year, maybe, but no more.

With two open slots, it's hard to imagine that there isn't a veteran PG 
out there, but right now they're playing everyone except Scal and Powe, 
so they'd have to put one of those two in civvies for a new PG.  (The 
CAN only dress 12, right?)

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There are two reasons why Payton might actually be
preferable to Cassell:

1) We'd have to trade for Sam, unless the Clips were
to waive him. According to RealGM, that would require
a package along the lines of Scalabrine/Tony/Powe to
make the salaries match. Not only do I question
whether the Clips would want two years of Scal, but I
also wonder if we'd want to give up Tony for Sam I Am.

2)Cassell at this stage of his career would probably
accept coming off the bench but would probably chafe a
bit about being on the floor at crunch time. Payton,
who's older, might be a little more sanguine about
riding the pine and letting Rondo continue to develop.
Both are pretty good defenders, but Payton's a little
bigger, and at this stage might be more in line with
what we need: a situational defender and ball-handler
who can help get the team into its offense rather than
look to score.

Now, the LA Times just ran a story
(http://tinyurl.com/2oxbvv) that indicated Cassell
could be close to asking for a trade. If he could get
the team to release him, and if he'd be willing to eat
the final months of his salary in order to latch on
with us for the vet's minimum, I'd be perfectly
satisfied with that. Add either of these guys, and
then (fantasizing here, but) convince PJ Brown to come
aboard for the vet's minimum, and there is no way - no
way - this team doesn't win a title.

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