big baby is big solid!

Tom Murphy tfmiii at
Sun Jan 6 10:50:22 CST 2008

Great to see Big Baby have a break out game just when it was needed. With his soft hand, touch, intelligence and sheer bulk he was just the weapon we needed to defuse the Dee-troit Dee-fense. 

Their schemes seemed predicated on getting into the shooters face, forcing them into driving to the hoop and then swallowing them up with big defenders under the rim, with the intention of fouling hard to prevent baskets if necessary. Sure, they may give up a pair of free throws to the opposing team's big stiff, but the lack of baskets (and unreliability of big men shooting big free throws) is usually worth the cost. Nothing disrupts an offense as much as denying it baskets, even if you sacrifice a few free throws to their big stiff. Every defense has to give up something, and this was what Detroit were willing to give the Cs last night.

But Big Baby's bulk allowed him to absorb the considerable 'contact' (no small feat there, as my wife said, 'I knew Detroit was scrappy, but this is like football....' we'll have to rewatch the playoff classic from 1987 today as history lesson LOL)  and still retain his touch, leading to several key old fashioned three point opportunities, on which he cashed in on in clutch fashion. It must have been quite demoralizing for Detroit to work as hard as they did, literally throwing themselves at Big Baby time and again as the shot clock wound down and see him not only take the contact but make the shot and the following free throw!

And not only does this win feel sooo good from a revenge, king-of-the-mountain perspective, but it puts the pundit chatter about being able to beat the Cs by 'beating them up' right where it belongs, in the rubbish. 

Way to go Big Solid!!

(OK, I think I've used up my quota of the use of the adjective "big" for this month...)

Slainte - Tom

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