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At 09:56 PM 1/4/2008, Peter Delevett wrote:

>What I really come to this list for, absent the need
>for silly trade speculation or draft watching
>(remember when we used to live and die by draft-day
>scouting reports?), is feedback on the game behind the
>box score, since I get to see very few C's games out
>here on the West Coast. Snoopy and, way back when, Bob
>used to post game recaps, player grades, etc., which
>were not only useful and informative but would
>invariably set off responses from people saying things
>like, "Actually I don't think Pierce played very well
>in this game at all because..."

It's been driving me buggy that I haven't been able to do the reviews 
the way I did before.  If things improve as I hope they will, I can 
start doing them on a regular basis again.  My recent post about the 
game against the ^$&$&&@ Lakers was a step in that direction.  First, 
I need to be able to sit up and watch the game while being able to 
make notes, then go back over it for the details on certain plays, 
etc.  (then I have to see it a third time to tape it to vhs, so I 
have a copy to watch later on, and yes, I saved all the games to 
review later...eventually.  Even the really crappy ones.)

I've gotten back to the point where I can watch coherently and make 
intelligent observations.  Now I just need to be able to sit up long 
enough to type up the reviews and add them to the CBW.   Conditions 
permitting, I'll be trying for a more detailed review tomorrow 
night--BUT it probably won't be posted in it's entirety until late 
after the game.  Wish me luck, and stamina...I'm gonna need it.

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