Posting or not posting...

mark at mark at
Fri Jan 4 16:41:51 CST 2008

i seemed to have missed what sounds like a big to-do sometime last month
on the list... i read the online archives daily but when folks are arguing
over something i don't care about i just tune out.

I can just speak for myself but re: posting lately ... i love x's and o's
and player development, etc (and have really enjoyed the talk on
CelticsStuffLive this year), and love watching/following the C's as anyone
on this list i would guess...but for me it's much harder to write about
those in the little snippets of time that i have/steal at work.

it's easier, more interesting to write/think about trades, criticisms,
etc. the breaking down of games, etc is something i do solitarily (not a
word i know) when i watch the games, find it harder to remember specifics
by the timme i can post. i don't think that makes me less of a fan, but
points to being a less smooth/easy writer -- and it strikes me that the
less thoughtout the posts the more consternation they can create.

i've also just been busier this season than say last season. and have a
new girlfriend which has even meant (gasp!) missing several games.

just my 2 cents
(the other) mark


You've poured your heart out Kim, and I know where you are coming from.
I actually fall along the same lines too, when it comes to sports.  Like
you I still love to play sports, I love the x's and o's, the player
improvement, the coaches' moves, etc. to the point that like you I'll
put a great game ahead of a win by my favorite team any time.  Face it,
Kim, we are a dying breed.  There may be another 5 to 10% of sport
watchers still left that see it the way we do.  So I can understand the
fans/posters that enjoy their sport in other ways, and even learn from
them (i.e. trade talk has taught me that you don't trade a talent for
another equal talent), and other such complexities.  I'll always
remember when I was about 10 years old and already suffered from the
sports "bug".  The sport was different, soccer, and I was at the stadium
totally enthralled to be watching my favorite players do their thing,
when from behind me a girl out on a date with her beau turned to him and
said, :" I just love it when the goalie kicks it.  It goes so high and
so far..."From then on I knew I wasn't alone; there were other type of
crazies out there.


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