For want of an Egg, the omelet was lost

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Er... speaking of love, like and hate, I think that's where the main
reason for less participation lies.  It's human nature for us to fret,
nurture, worry, complain, all in an effort to help the ones we love, but
usually only when they most need it.  That is in times of sickness,
sadness, grief.  I'm sure we've all done it with a loved one.  Then,
when that clears, we are able to relax and appear to forget about that
person.  It doesn't mean we don't love them anymore, that we are not
happy for their success or better health.  That's just the way we are
and speaking for myself, I still admire the now wonderful work the Celts
are doing, but instead of all of the above, I just feel happy and say a
lot of wows, mostly to myself. 


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It seems to me that many get beat at their own ideas. We do know there
so called Celtic fans that didn't like anything that was done to improve
team since Ainge arrived here. They have nothing left to argue since the
success. Therefore the void.

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