For want of an Egg, the omelet was lost

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  Kim makes a point here (perhaps inadvertently) that I find very 

She said below:  "And truly, while the Celtics are very good, and have 
much faster than I ever hoped they would, they're still hardly
perfect, so there's still plenty to criticize legitimately if you

There are posters (and I don't know anyone well enough to name names) 
who would simply post saying "Here are things to criticize"  without 
acknowledging that the team is good.  That minimal effort to concede 
the common ground makes any post more palatable to me.

The list has had its share of nay-sayers, some present, some gone.  I 
read all their posts, and just wished that some of them could have 
acknowledged that maybe there were some things about the team to like, 
even if it was only one guy's performance in the 55th loss of the year 
last year.  That would placate people who desparately want to like the 
team.  Instead sometimes such people would be made to feel like fools 
for holding out ANY hope at all.

When I'm trying to settle a case in court, or when I'm doing a small 
claims case, I tell the people, "I want to find out what we agree on, 
then find out what we disagree on.  What to do about the disagreements 
is up to the judge."  Often the process of finding the areas of 
agreement is a very soothing and calming and leads to resolution.

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No, you can always talk basketball (a shocking concept I realize, but
it really is a nice alternative to trade talk and lord knows it's the
one I've always preferred) without having to argue.  While people as
willfully negative as you seem to be making out can *always* argue
for their side, whether it's the haven't played the Spurs, lost to
the Pistons, i.e. how good are we really compared to the big boys vs
the weak stuff we've been up against or something else. If the
blinders are that big, you're still only going to see what you want
to see. And truly, while the Celtics are very good, and have meshed
much faster than I ever hoped they would, they're still hardly
perfect, so there's still plenty to criticize legitimately if you
want. Or at least say how you'd do things differently, such as maybe
use Ray Allen rather than Tony Allen to handle the ball more when
Rondo is out.

The void has more to do with posts that can't make a point - any
point - without having to make it a personal attack of some sort,
even a relatively minor one like a pot shot referring to people as
"so called Celtics fans" (which I have to admit is a label I tend to
think of with people who seemingly care about nothing but trades and
deals - i.e. shopping not basketball - rather than people who
criticize the team, even if I completely disagree with them)....  It
gets really old really fast, even if you're just the one who has to
watch it vs being on the receiving end, and kills off a list faster
than anything short of actively malicious trolls.

Kim, who finds one of the bigger shocks of all this year how rarely
she mutters I HATE that shot when someone heaves up a 3 on this team.
I still hate it, mind you, but it's amazing how much better it looks
when it's just another tool, fairly well integrated into an inside /
outside offense and used only by guys who should be taking it. Take
me back to the Bird days when he used to fake the 3 to set someone
else up for a better shot between him and the hoop (something I don't
think I've seen since he retired) and I may actually learn to...
well, like it. I don't think love can ever enter into it.

At 01:00 PM 1/4/2008, dforant1 wrote:
>It seems to me that many get beat at their own ideas. We do know there 
>so called Celtic fans that didn't like anything that was done to 
improve the
>team since Ainge arrived here. They have nothing left to argue since 
the new
>success. Therefore the void.
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> > It appears that we cannot survive our own inability to be civil to 
> > another. Perhaps I am the biggest offender, if so then I am truly 
> > I can be abrasive, and my views are not politically correct, but if 
> > made offense of a personal nature I did not mean to.
> >
> >
> >
> > Without discourse, agreed or disagreed, we really are bereft. I 
miss the
> > Celtics discussions - even contentious - that used to the very 
staple of
> > this message board. We're never going to agree on everything, but 
> > the whole point.
> >
> >
> >
> > Anyway, to the posters still here - this isn't meant as a slight, 
> > our community misses its contributors from across the spectrum.  I 
> > they are still in the netherverse somewhere.

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