For want of an Egg, the omelet was lost

Patrick.Ryan at Patrick.Ryan at
Fri Jan 4 08:34:09 CST 2008

 It appears that we cannot survive our own inability to be civil to one
another. Perhaps I am the biggest offender, if so then I am truly sorry.
I can be abrasive, and my views are not politically correct, but if I
made offense of a personal nature I did not mean to.


Without discourse, agreed or disagreed, we really are bereft. I miss the
Celtics discussions - even contentious - that used to the very staple of
this message board. We're never going to agree on everything, but that's
the whole point.


Anyway, to the posters still here - this isn't meant as a slight, but
our community misses its contributors from across the spectrum.  I hope
they are still in the netherverse somewhere.

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