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I think Jack McCallum knows hoops, so that's reassuring.

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> Assessing the draft
> Yi's interesting night, Boston's savvy move and more
> caught up with Sports Illustrated senior writer Jack McCallum, who
> attended the draft at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden, to
> discuss
> Thursday night's notable trades and picks.
> What was the real buzz at the draft?
> The initial buzz was what the Hawks were going to do with the third pick.
> A
> lot of people thought they were going to do something. But when they went
> with
> a conventional pick and took Al Horford, a lot of all the big trade
> scenarios
> fell through. After that, the buzz was about how the Celtics' trade with
> the
> Sonics [in which Boston traded the fifth pick as part of a deal for Ray
> Allen]
> caused Yi Jianlian to fall another spot to the Bucks.
> It's no secret that Yi's representatives wanted him in a big market with a
> large Asian population -- they didn't even let Milwaukee hold a private
> workout
> with him. What was Yi's reaction to the news?
> He looked shocked and saddened. He said he didn't know much about the
> Bucks
> because he hadn't seen a lot of them on television in Chinca. He said the
> Bucks
> hadn't even worked him out. Well, this isn't college. The NBA knows about
> you; there aren't a lot of secrets here. Teams don't have to come to your
> house,
> talk to your mother and father and ask you what you want to major in. He
> was
> the best player available, and the Bucks looked at it like a fortuitous
> thing
> that he was still there. They want to keep him.
> In my mind the Bucks were the underachieving team of the NBA last season.
> I
> think they have a lot of talent. I really like their team, especially if
> they
> can re-sign point guard Mo Williams. Whether they're going to better, I
> don't
> know. But I just think he's going to a better team than he thinks he is.
> There's more to the Yi story.
> Yes, I saw him later in the night at Haru restaurant [in New York City].
> He
> looked much happier when he was digging into a plate of sushi and having
> people
> come up and congratulate him. He seemed to be enjoying himself.
> There were some significant trades involving big-name NBA players,
> including
> Allen to Boston. What's your impression of that deal?
> I absolutely love the deal from the Celtics' standpoint. I think this move
> makes them a playoff team. Anytime you can get an All-Star player like Ray
> Allen, he's worth what you give up. All along the Celtics were trying to
> change the
> team without giving up Al Jefferson. That was goal No. 1, and they
> accomplished it -- and they got a terrific player. I just think his
> talents were getting
> lost in the West. He comes to the East and becomes one of the best players
> in
> the conference. Allen had never demanded a trade from Seattle, but
> sometimes
> he looked a little disinterested. He's going to be very motivated in
> Boston.
> And from the Sonics' standpoint?
> They weren't going anywhere with Ray Allen, so why not try it without him?
> It
> just seemed like something the Sonics had to do as well. If they re-sign
> Rashard Lewis, you could argue -- if Kevin Durant is good enough, and I
> like him a
> lot -- that they won't miss Ray Allen. If they re-sign Lewis, and by
> adding
> Durant and Jeff Green -- I personally wouldn't have had him that high in
> the
> draft [at No. 5] -- they have this potentially interesting team with a lot
> of
> wing-type players.
> What struck you about the Knicks' acquisition of Zach Randolph from
> Portland?
> I thought it was a good trade for both teams. For Portland, this gives
> Greg
> Oden some more space to operate now that Randolph is out of the mix. It
> could
> have been awkward with Randolph and Oden there.
> With the Knicks, they unloaded one of the presumed unloadables in Steve
> Francis [who has two years and $34 million left on his contract, though
> Portland
> could try to buy out his deal]. I think you'll see that Randolph is more
> versatile than you think -- he has some face-up game, he can do a lot of
> things
> offensively. My question would be how do Randolph and Eddy Curry play
> together?
> This didn't exactly shore up their defense, but I know Isiah [Thomas]
> wants to
> play offensive-oriented ball. Maybe they get it up to 105 points a game.
> Most important, where would you rank _Joakim Noah's seersucker suit look_
> (
> ent.8.html)  among all-time NBA Draft fashion statements?
> The combination of the hair, extremely clashing bow tie and the peace sign
> he
> flashed got him into the top 10.
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