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Assuming Jefferson stays and provides the low post scoring for Pierce and
Allen, then the question becomes what can Ainge do to put this team in
better position to compete on a higher level?  What veterans can he bring in
assuming Pierce and Allen increase other players' desire to play for the

Kirilenko is a definite yes.  Great defensive player that doesn't need too
many shots to feed to his ego and other than the poor shot, his all-around
game is top-notch. Another high bbIQ guy. 

Would Utah accept Ratliff and Green?  Are they trying to move salary or do
they want equal talent back?  

A starting lineup of Rondo, Allen, Pierce, Jefferson and Kirilenko with
Perkins, T. Allen, Gomes, Scalabrine,  and Pruitt isn't so bad.  A definite
playoff team and if Rondo and Jefferson are ready to take the next step up
the NBA ladder, a possible Eastern Conference contender this season.  A
Kirilenko trade doesn't mortgage  the future like a Garnett deal would.
Kirilenko is only 26, Jefferson 23 and Rondo 21. 

So if the Celtics can walk away from the draft with Ray Allen and Kirilenko
for Wally Sczcerbiak, Delonte West, Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green and the #5
pick, that's an amazing deal for Ainge. 


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> As always the east is wide open and I don't think we need to mortgage the
> future (i.e. Jefferson for KG) to compete. Keeping Jefferson lets us
> compete AND continue developing for the future.
> Mark asked about the east... here's my take FWIW in rough order:
> Chicago -- the clubhouse leader for the Finals in the east. No question.
> Love the Noah pick as the eventual replacement for Wallace.
> Cleveland -- LeBron is obvs. legit but they too may lose 2 of their top 6
> guys in Pavlovic and Varejao.  And they still need a PG.  Also watch for a
> LBJ breakdown... he's younger but guys who play internationally then in
> Finals tend to breakdown (see: Jefferson, Richard). I'm skeptical that
> they keep getting better--- more likely that they'll stay about 48 wins.
> After these 2 teams I think each of the other teams in teh East have LEGIT
> questions/isuses (as big or bigger than Boston's).  I'm not saying BOS is
> better than them but that we're in the conversation (and have more room to
> grow than most, IMO with Jefferson, Rondo and Green still developing as
> players):
> Detroit -- big question marks (will Billups and Sheed be back? at what
> cost?) and a team that's getting old, quick. Dumars is as good as they get
> as GM, but...
> Miami -- Wade is great, but like a mix of DET and CLE, this team is
> getting OLD quick and doesn't have much else around Wade.
> WAS -- I think they've gone about as far as they can as constituted. They
> need size as much as we do and may lose Deshawn Stevenson to keep Andray
> Blatche. I could see them moving Jamison.
> Toronto -- a good young team, but we've seen many times that the leap from
> 30-40 games is easier than 40-50. Teams won't be surprised by TOR next
> season, but they have as good a young core as any in the East not named
> Chicago.
> NJ -- good get in Sean Williams, but I still think this team is on the
> down swing.  I'd take Rondo/Allen/Pierce/Jefferson/Perk over
> Kidd/Carter/Jefferson/Krsitc/Williams
> ORL -- If you believe (as i do) that Jefferson is just about as good as
> Howard, who does ORL have that even approaches Pierce or Ray Allen? They
> play well as a team, but this reminds me of the pre-TMac Magic -- good
> team that won't ever be great.  Actually that was the TMac magic too.
> NY --- Curry/Randolph/Marbury. It's so crazy it just might work. But i'm
> skeptical.
> MIL --- depending on what they do with Yi (would DAL do a Yi + Mo Williams
> for Josh Howard + Devin Harris deal?) they could be better than they were
> last season.  Injuries hurt them as much as BOS. They've got nice pieces
> but can it all come together?
> PHI -- lots of swing men but no big men.
> IND -- a mess.
> ATL/CHA -- still a year or 2 away.
> So all that is to say I think its legitimate to talk about the Celtics as
> a 3-7 seed next seasaon.  mark B. makes a good point about the goal is
> champinoships... but you have to be good before you can be great.  I don't
> see how this deal prevents that.
> (the other) mark
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