If I could turn back time

Michael Gooen callmebogie at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 12:49:05 CDT 2007

Steve O wrote:

<<If you can figure out that time-space thing, go back and change the
 Billups, Potapenko and Joe Johnson trades, and maybe slip Tony Parker in
 for Joe Forte.>>

I'm on it - but not before I alter the Duncan draft ping-pong balls (so
that the Cs don't have Billups to give up on too early in the first place)
and the decisions to sign Eric Riley over Ben Wallace, draft Ron Mercer
over Tracy McGrady (a decision I confess I supported at the time), and
draft Kris Clack over Manu Ginobili.  

I'll also make sure the Lakers end up with a roster consisting of Ben
Pepper, Josip Sesar, Steve Hamer, Allan Ray, and Kobe Bryant.  

Actually, I just had a horrible flashback to a 2002 Celtics-Nets preseason
game at which Chris Wallace is asking Josh Ozersky and me whether we'd
rather have Rodney Rogers or Vin Baker.  (This actually happened - I think
Josh and I either treated it as a rhetorical question or said something
about salary cap issues.)  Maybe the first thing I'll do with my time
machine is go back to that moment.  Anyone else want to join me?

Michael Gooen

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