How many tweeners does it take to change a light bulb?

Ryan, Patrick S Maj RES USAFR 439 MSG Patrick.Ryan at
Thu Jun 28 12:31:05 CDT 2007

No, he's not even close to Gomes. Gomes was a PF all through college. He is
not a quick defender. He is not "long" either, using position and superior
footwork on offense down low. Gomes is the "tweener". The reason he did okay
at PF in the pros was due to the fact he could outquick the bangers (again
good footwork and positioning) and keep up with the slasher/shooter Bosh
types, yet when he's moved to the SF he's gets blown by because he doesn't
have good foot speed.  Gomes has improved his game tremendously - he's
extended his shooting range for example - but he's still weak defensively on
the perimeter where most small forwards play. He also can't "get his own
shot" relying on pick n pops to free him up (again - footspeed and handle).
Green is the prototypical NBA small forward, lean, and quick around 6'9 or
so able to defend both on the perimeter and down low. He has all the same
things Gomes does (except maybe now NBA 3 pt range) with the huge exception
he can likely guard both 2s and 3s at the NBA level on the perimeter. He can
get his own shot and has a nice first step. 
I think you and I disagree in that I think we should take the best player
regardless of position. If Gomes is redundant then we lose nothing off the
bench for either one do we (which we always did last year)?
guys, isn't jeff green just a duplicate of ryan gomes? gomes can produce
those numbers (15 and 6) as shown last year.  Get a non-tweener is the best



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