Here's to you and here's to me; hope we never disagree...

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Jay Bilas said he was a the real thing and had actually been playing Domestically since 2002, whatever that meant. Could be Gasol/Nowitski, could be Bargnani or Darko

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People tend to underestimate the Chinese players. I'm willing to bet
that Yi becomes a successful NBA player for the simple reason that he
already has the physical tools and attitude to succeed and, barring
injury, will work very hard to improve those skills in the off season
and international competition.

IMO the main thing that kills players with legitimate talent is
attitude. They're not willing to fight for it or they're too lazy to
hone their skills. Modern Chinese players don't seem to have that
problem(pressure from their government to represent their country well
may have a lot to do with it).

I'm on board regarding Yi.


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> I tend not to come around much, visitation rights being as strict as they
> are.
> 1. I don't think I have to re-iterate my position here either do I? It's
> certainly not in lock-step.
> 2. Our team is offensively gifted, defensively flawed and way to young, oh,
> and has no depth. So yeah I pretty much agree here.
> 3. Jefferson will put up all-star numbers. His selection will depend on name
> recognition/popularity, team standings, and other things beyond his control
> which is why the entire argument is silly. If he's the same solid
> double-double player (oh, and we get him 25 touches a game) he was at the
> end of last year it doesn't MATTER if he gets his name on some list to play
> a meaningless game.
> 4. I don't think it really matters does it? He'll be gone before the Celtics
> select (they're not taking him with #5).  If we trade for him then I'll
> care.
> 5. I don't think he'll be crappy. I think the worst he'd be would be Raef
> Lafrenz (pre-injury) a big man who can spread the floor (that's the absolute
> worst) and if he's a better first step Toni Kukoc that's pretty good. All my
> original post said was that your stats should be considered as a part of an
> overall analysis and not dismissed out of hand as they were.
> So one out of five. As I said - we don't agree much...agree?
> ----------------------
> you don't often agree with me?  I bet you'll come around.  In the past year
> I have stated:
> 1.  Danny ainge is awful (and i won't restate my arguments for the 100th
> time).  and guess what, most of you are coming around to that.
> 2.  our team as currently constituted is not good.  and guess what, about
> half of you have come around to that.
> 3.  Al jefferson won't be an all-star.  Well, with Oden and Durant both
> headed west, his chances have improved.  i may eat crow on this one but it
> is still 50-50.  I still have the "he is going to get fat and not try when
> he signs his long term deal" wild card in my pocket.
> 4.  Sean Williams is going to be a bust/problem.  And I said this before he
> got kicked off the BC team this season (check the archives on that one).
> And now #5.  Yi Dingaling is going to be a crappy NBA player.
> Other than point #3, with which point do you disagree?
> rmn
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