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Thu Jun 28 09:31:34 CDT 2007

Oh, you wanted MY preferences (you probably didn't, but anyway...) - I
listed what I thought the Celtics would do. As far as what I'd do:
I'd have to take the chance on Yi. He's the only legitimate possible five
tool player OTHER then Jeff Green. In my mind he's the ONLY other potential
superstar. Everyone else: Noah, Brewer, the kid from USC, Wright, they're
all one way players - either defensively or offensively. We have too many
one way players already and need someone that you don't have to take out to
play one end of the floor or the other.  Add in duplication: Brewer = Allen
for example and Yi finally gives us someone other teams have to figure out
ways to match up with us instead of vice versa (plus I don't think Doc can
screw it up).
Same reason I'd put Jeff Green as my number 2. He can play all the time.
He's prototypical. He has ONE position - SF (again tough for Doc to screw it
up although Mark makes a good point below that likely our brilliant coach
would play him or Pierce at PF). I think he can do the same things
defensively as Allen/Brewer BUT can also play both in the post and on the
perimeter on offense too which Brewer simply can't.
I'd put Noah three. I hate "need" based picks, but he's a need -
shotblocker/defender. He scares me in that I keep seeing Walter McCarty - if
he went to Indiana and Jim O'Brien making him shoot 3s? OMG. Anyway, he has
all those moments where I think he's showing much more flash then substance
with his motormouth and wild gyrations on the court.
Brewer comes in at #4. I think he's much more limited then people say and
you couldn't put him and Rondo on the floor together. Pierce and Al would
have triple teams every time they touched the ball. And given Pierce's
proclivity for trying to defeat triple teams off the dribble and...hence my
lack of faith in Brewer. Love his defense and the Celtics desperately need
defense, but with some balance.
After that I don't really care - if we reach here or trade for two lower
picks as is rumored I will promptly start watching the NHL. I could live
with a Garnett or Gasol or Marion or Kirilenko trade - wouldn't be my first
choices (assuming Al leaves in all those trades except Kirilenko), but I
could live with them all.
My preferences are:
1. Noah
2. Yi
3. Brewer
4. Green
99. Brandan Wright
Noah would be a perfect fit. He's slide right in alongside Al and
address so many problems we have in the frontcourt. He'd be great.
With Yi, I'm trusting all these talent evaluators. Who knows? But if he
is the kind of player they say he is, he'd be another great fit
alongside Al. Different from Noah, but a great companion to Al.
If it's Brewer, I'll be disappointed. I liked him a lot when I thought
he was 6-9 with Scottie Pippen arms. As it turns out, he's 6-6 with a
pedestrian wingspan. He'd be an upgrade at 2-guard, but not a
Jeff Green is my worst-case scenario. I think he'll be a good player,
but he's a small forward. Pierce is a small forward. If we're trading
Pierce then maybe Green makes more sense. If not, Doc will just stick
him at PF replacing Gomes and we won't see much of a difference.
My prediction, however, is that we trade 5 and Al for Garnett. I think
McHale is going through some motions with these other talks and
ultimately will go back to KG and say "I tried." He'll convince KG to
sign off on going to Boston and we'll make a trade that we'll regret for
the next 10 years.


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