Katz: Marion Deal Dead Horford Could Slip To 5

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These numbers may have been posted here before but i just looked them up myself to make sure i am not going to go crazy for no reason.  You can see them here for yourselves http://www.asia-basket.com/chn/d1.asp

Here are the leading rebounders in the chinese professional league:  

1.Brandon Crump 14.4
2.Babakar Camara 13.6
3.Soumaila Samake 13.5
4.Chris Porter 12.9
5. Herve Lamizana 11.4
5. Yi Jianlian 11.4

I believe Brandon Crump, the #1 rebounder, averaged ~6 rebounds per game when he played at tennessee (no joke).  So dingaling's 11 rebounds would translate to about 4 had he played ncaa div 1 basketball.

Here are the leading scorers:
1. Anthony Myles 32.1
2. Gabe Muoneke 31.6
3.Tang Zhengdong 28.1
4. Brandon Crump 27.4
5. Wang Zhizhi 26.6

Wang zhizhi averaged 4.4 points per game in 6 NBA seasons.  I believe Anthony Myles averaged 10 ppg in two years at Xavier.  Dingaling averaged 24.8 which would probably translate to 8ppg at xavier.

So danny is going to draft a guy who would go for 8 and 3 at a marginal ncaa div 1 school.  Oh and the kicker is, he is likely 22, not 18, and he may be as old as 25.

Just kill me now.


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>>From various sources:
>- Danny told him definitivly they're keeping the pick.
>- Marion deal is dead. Marion still doesn't want to
>come to Boston.
>- Yi is in the lead, but things can change by
>- Yi is the hot name right now and that Atl is
>currently negotiating with Yi's people.
>(Say Atlanta takes Yi, doesn't Memphis select Horford?
>Then the Cetics I think, trade down with Charlotte [as
>Egg has suggested] for 8 and 22.) 
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