The Opti-grab made me cross-eyed too!

Steve Ouellette bosox18 at
Tue Jun 26 14:51:11 CDT 2007

Honestly, I know we haven't made the playoffs in two years, but it's not that hard to do.

Steve O

---- "Ryan wrote: 
> The mantra here should be, "It's the Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaast." - Frederick
> And we managed to finish dead last in it!
> So that means were not just the worst, but the worst of the worst?
> Look, I don't disagree that we're better then our finish, but I don't think
> we're playoff better - injuries or not. We were 100% the WORST defensive
> team in the league - with Pierce or without him. I don't care what
> statistics you trot out - in the fourth quarter of games (especially the
> last two minutes) - even when we were 100% healthy early on, our ability to
> make stops was non-existent. When you're the Phoenix Suns and have the best
> PG on the planet you can get away playing no defense outscoring your
> opponent. The Celtics - not so much.
> I appreciate the optimism (Hell, I was optimistic until Lottery Day), but
> this team's fatal flaw is also the hardest aspect to change - its defense.
> You think a rookie can do it? Not under the refereeing rules as they stand
> in regards to rookie bias and what veteran discussed makes us a better
> defensive team? KG? Somewhat. Marion - nice rebounder, not so good man on
> man (ask Amare "Damn, I just got my fourth foul" Stoudamire). Gasol - no
> way. O'Neal? Ha! (let's assume they waive that pesky "I ain't playing here"
> thing)
> Add in that in three years Doc hasn't once seemed to improve the pick and
> roll (aka the bread and butter of NBA offense) defense and we're asking a
> poor defensive team, with a poor defensive teacher to improve enough to leap
> from bottom of the pack to top 8 (all the while assuming none of the other
> teams get better and some get worse)?
> Three years sounds about right. Get rid of Doc halfway through this year and
> get a defensive coach, add in a year for his system to be fully implemented.
> Stir in the rookie we add this year (hopefully a defender) starts to be able
> to physically defend those star wings and not foul out in 10 minutes, Just a
> dash of Tony Allen is back to 100% after another half season to adjust to
> two surgically repaired knees, and lastly a skoce of whatever moves we've
> made in subsequent drafts/free agency hopefully get us a shotblocker to
> compliment Al.
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