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Kwame is terrible and the Lakers can't move him with his contract. Unless we get him with Kobe we don't want anything to do with him


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Well, FWIW, there was an article recently in the St. Paul paper -- and
linked off the Celticsblog site -- where Pierce, not jefferson would join
the #5 pick in MIN and we'd get Marion....

that seems like an awful lot to give up for Marion.

if it didn't help our most hated rival, i think an Odom/Kwame Brown (exp.
contract)/#19 for Pierce and Wally would make a nice deal.

All that said, i'm sort of the sentimental type and wouldn't mind Pierce
retiring a Celtic.  Whether that's what he wants remains to be seen, i

(the other) mark


No I haven't heard any rumors from the C's organization about shopping
Pierce, but I was surprised that Paul's agent actually went public to
Chad Ford, saying Pierce wants vet talent now, or Danny should trade him
to help the rebuild effort.  I agree with Paul's perspective that
All-NBA K.G. is better for getting shorterm wins in Paul's peak years.

Maybe Ainge should consider calling the agents bluff and look into
trading Pierce (while his value is high) for a great rebuilding piece.
I think the best odds for a future championship is surrounding Big Al
with hardcore TWO-WAY players(Del, Rajon, Brewer, etc) that will peak
when he peaks .

P.S.  On 2nd round prospects, and possibly moving down to late lottery:

2nd rounders:  Chris Richards is solid as a bruiser with a nice baby
hook shot.  But he's really only 6'7.5" w/o shoes.  Jared Dudley is
6'5.75" with Gomes-like coordination/toughness inside.  Neither of them
defend that well.  A dominant backup PG defender like Zabian Dowdell, or
an offensively skilled, decent shotblocking big like Jermareo
Davidson(6'9.5")/Josh McRoberts(6'8.75")(if he slides), are better picks
at the top of the 2nd IMO.
Fyi, McRoberts, Al Horford, Brandon Wright turned out to be EXACTLY the
same height.

Late lottery picks Al Thornton, Javaris Crittenton, Acie Law (in case
the C's trade down):
No to Al Thornton.  To me he rains jumpers with a better, quicker
release than Corey Brewer, but he's FAR behind in impacting a win.  He's
not a two way player and didn't show Brewer's lateral speed,
heart/toughness.  Swingmen gunners are a dime a dozen(we already have 3
gifted ones).  Alando Tucker or Marcus Williams in the second round,
could easily have a better career than Thornton.  All 3 are as bad as
Gerald on D, but not as gifted as Gerald on O.

Yes to Javaris Crittenton.  He really looked as athletic/explosive as
Mike Conley, has the same freaky handles, finishing skills, and decent
vision.  If instead Crittenton was the one who got massive coverage
playing w/ Oden, he'd probably be the PG mentioned in early lottery.
Yes to mature, shifty penetrator Acie Law at PG also.

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Has there been *any* scuttlebutt at all about trading Paul?  Would
that be an acceptable strategy?

... shouldn't trading Paul ,
especially if they feel hostage to his demands about trading #5, be
at least considered?


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