Do you want KG?

Mark Piotrowski mark at
Sat Jun 23 17:36:33 CDT 2007

The story in today's paper has them saying they're keeping AK --- 
that may very well just be some damage control, who knows.  I think 
it woudl take Wally, Gomes and next years #1 -- or maybe swapping 
this years picks (#5 for #25).

FWIW, i think there will be several teams that get old pretty quick 
in the East (NJ, MIA, DET, even CLE).  I'm not saying right away but 
in the next season or 2.

(the other) mark

>Utah isn't happy with AK and would love to get out of his contract. 
>They are known to be looking for perimeter help, and Wally has 
>shorter contract I believe. Why are we so desperate? Plain and 
>simple we tanked last year for the picks and have a great young 
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>Are you serious?  Wally for AK?  I would love that to happen, but for the
>life of me cannot imagine a scenario where Utah would ever even consider
>that.  Utah would probably be looking for a future first rounder, and a
>couple of our youngs.  Everyone knows we are desperate to make a deal and
>that we need someone who is capable of putting up all-star numbers at a
>minimum.  Why would anyone do us a favor?
>On 6/22/07, John Lyell <jlyell at> wrote:
>  >
>  > I agree. I would rather swap Wally for AK which could fly as it gets Utah
>  > out of his contract and gives them a perimeter threat they need. Then take
>  > Brewer. I mentioned AK & Brewer on D, also add Rondo and that is a tough
>  > group.
>  >
>  > We would need to hope  Allen, Green & West can help Pierce to provide the
>  > perimeter scoring Cleveland didn't have in the championship

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