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> I just hope that Al fits into a team that can win again and fight for 
> championships.  I hope .he .becomes like Duncan in that we don't care 
> whether his numbers outstrip others or not, just that he leads or assists 
> us along the way to winning.  Even I usually qualify my rose-colored 
> statements about Al; others are more precise.  We're not saying he's a 
> better individual player than KG, just much younger, much, much cheaper 
> and a pretty good bet to anchor the middle for us. >
>  On  another note, I would like to see a lottery among the list with the 
> winner being sent to training camp in Italy.  Maybe we could skim off some 
> of Ainge's travel budget for the tickets.  Cheers, Gene
*Gerry Callahan wrote this AM about theis crazy trade and  I couldn't agree 

Kevin Garnett will cost them everything.

Naturally, one of the reasons so many people are excited about this 
potential trade is - you guessed it - it will make the Celtics relevant 
again. They won 24 games last year. This move could get them into the 30s, 
maybe all the way to 40. Maybe KG could even get them into the playoffs, 
where they would get eliminated quicker than Pacman Jones on "Jeopardy!"

And after two or three years of early playoff exits, the Celtics will have 
an over-the-hill Garnett, an aging Paul Pierce [stats], and no hope for the 
future. So did everyone have fun? Great. Now back to 24 wins. How relevant 
will they be then?

 No one is saying that Garnett is as far past his prime as Wilkins was, but 
he is clearly on the back nine. He's 31, and it's a hard 31, almost like an 
NFL running back. Wilkins had played 12 years when he signed with the 
Celtics. Garnett, who joined the NBA at 19, has played 12 years.

    He's going to grow old and ineffective on somebody's dime, or should I 
say somebody's $46 million. That's the obscene amount Garnett has coming to 
him for the next two years. And what did the Timberwolves get for their 
money last season? They got 32 wins and no playoffs. In his career, Garnett 
has gone to the playoffs eight times. He's won two series.

    Ainge has made many moves in his four years at the Celtics' helm, some 
good, some bad, some well-thought out and some involving Sebastian Telfair 
[stats]. On balance, his drafts have been excellent, his trades not so much. 
But one thing he has never done is look over his roster and wonder: How can 
we get sexier, trendier, more hip, more happenin'? That is why the Mets 
signed Pedro, "The View" signed Rosie, and M.L. signed an empty shell of 
Dominique. It's a mistake every time.

    If Ainge trades 10 years of Al Jefferson [stats] and Corey Brewer or Al 
Horford for three years of Kevin Garnett, he'll be making a huge mistake. I'll 
say that even if I get cold cuts.

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