Opt out? Are you kidding?

E.H. Munro ehmunro at hoopsboston.com
Thu Jun 21 16:35:38 CDT 2007

Relax, take a deep breath. Feeling a little calmer? Good. I am fairly  
certain any deal would be contingent on Garnett & Boston reaching an  
agreement on an extension. Garnett is not walking to play for the MLE  
in Phoenix or San Antonio, so you can stop torturing yourself on that  
account. He's like Shaq, he wants to win *and* get paid. Right now  
the hang-up appears to be Jaric, no one wants him (and I can't blame  
them, he's useless). As for the assets involved for the trade, you  
need to get a grip. Gerald Green might one day be a good NBA player.  
That day ain't today. It might be three or four years off. The 2007  
NBA Draft is deep in the same way the 2005 one was (i.e. lots of  
rotation players, not many stars). The starpower is in the first two  
picks, from 3-10 the 2008 pool will be better. So the #5 shouldn't be  
an impediment to making a deal. If Boston were drafting third or  
fourth, they'd be able to land Al Horford who'd replace Jefferson,  
and that would change things. Five is going to land you someone like  
Al Thornton or Jeff Green. Nice players, but they're not taking this  
team closer to a title during its window.

In 5 years, barring catastrophic injuries to the game's brightest  
young stars, the Celtics are going to be watching the finals on TV  
just like the rest of us. And they'll be doing it for a long time to  
come. Apparently they understand that their time is now, and they're  
going for broke. The irony is that for all those of you that sneer  
"Making the playoffs isn't enough, we want a title!" every time a  
potential trade for a veteran upgrade is discussed, the Celtics are  
listening to you. And you're shrieking anyway. Garnett does not keep  
them from adding free agents presuming that Jefferson is outbound and  
Jaric isn't incoming. Pierce, Jefferson, and Garnett would have made  
a combined $56 million in 2009 (presuming that Jefferson indeed got a  
max/near-max deal). *That* would prevent them from chasing after vets  
to fill out the roster. As of now Pierce & Garnett will make $42-$43  
million in 2009, meaning that Boston could actually afford to sign a  
couple of free agents without getting hit by the luxury tax. There  
are a myriad of ways to make this deal work for Boston. About the  
only way it can't is if Minnesota is serious about someone eating  
Jaric's contract, in which case Garnett will end up on the Knicks  
(because they're the only team that can afford to pay some guy $40  
million to spend four years watching NBA games).

If Boston ends up with Garnett & Hassell they can make an attempt at  
turning Hassell, cash, and a future pick into a Mo Williams sign &  
trade (or alternatively Rondo instead of a future pick, or maybe a  
Charlie Bell sign & trade for Hassell & cash,). The Hawks are going  
to deal Josh Childress, who already is what Corey Brewer might one  
day be, and Boston could certainly take a run at him. They can talk  
to Detroit about #15 to take a flyer on Sean Williams or Tiago  
Splitter (to shore up the 5). There are a lot of ways to fill in  
around Pierce and Garnett. So rest easy, even if Boston trades for  
one of the 50 best players in NBA history, the world won't come to an  

On Jun 21, 2007, at 8:29 AM, Mark S Berry wrote:

> Nothing about this proposed deal is good. Nothing. We'd be giving up
> every legitimate trade asset we own (Al, No. 5, Theo's deal, Gerald
> Green, Wally -- who will be an asset next season when his deal is
> expiring) and sacrificing the best young big man in the league and the
> fifth pick in a great draft for a 31-year-old who has played 35,000  
> minutes, makes $20 million (eliminating any other acquisitions like an
> MLE signing), and can opt out of the deal after next season if he  
> isn't
> happy. It's insanity.
> This is what happens with a desperate "braintrust" trying to save  
> their
> jobs and an owner who has an unhealthy affection for Paul Pierce.
> Phoenix isn't willing to part with Stoudemire. Chicago isn't  
> willing to
> part with Deng. Why should we throw our great young player away in  
> this
> deal?
> I hate everything that is happening with this team right now.
> Mark

E.H. Munro

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