Opt out? Are you kidding?

Ryan, Patrick S Maj RES USAFR 439 MSG Patrick.Ryan at westover.af.mil
Thu Jun 21 07:47:08 CDT 2007

I'd caution that like I said I could be reading it wrong - I never know with
the NBA if the label "2008 season" is the season starting in the Fall (Sep
2008) or ending in the Spring of 2008 (June 2008) (and it changes frequently
in different uses). Since that would greatly change the meaning I was hoping
to get clarification from amongst our more well-read posters.
Nothing about this proposed deal is good. Nothing. We'd be giving up
every legitimate trade asset we own (Al, No. 5, Theo's deal, Gerald
Green, Wally -- who will be an asset next season when his deal is
expiring) and sacrificing the best young big man in the league and the
fifth pick in a great draft for a 31-year-old who has played 35,000 NBA
minutes, makes $20 million (eliminating any other acquisitions like an
MLE signing), and can opt out of the deal after next season if he isn't
happy. It's insanity.
This is what happens with a desperate "braintrust" trying to save their
jobs and an owner who has an unhealthy affection for Paul Pierce.
Phoenix isn't willing to part with Stoudemire. Chicago isn't willing to
part with Deng. Why should we throw our great young player away in this
I hate everything that is happening with this team right now.


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