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I like thornton too. correct, he's a josh howard/Danny Granger type of
player. another player with the same caliber is Derrick Byars of Vandy. He's
explosive and is an all around player.

here are some of the players i got to watch some last season that i really

Corey Brewer ('nuff said)
Thadeus Young (Paul Pierce clone)
Derrick Byars (also danny granger type)
Sean Williams (a yr ago before getting expelled - ratliff caliber)

i also think these 'could be steals':

Alando Tucker
Morris Almond (great outside shooter)

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> On Jun 20, 2007, at 7:40 AM, steve knight wrote:
>> anyone very familiar with al thornton's game?  i keep
>> hearing we might move down to get him and i just read
>> the other day that he's "almost robotic" on defense.
>> not what we need. i had him pegged as a mitch richmond
>> type. anyone know his game?
> Al Thornton is going to be a great NBA player. He's an undersized
> college 4, but more than athletic enough to play the 3 in the NBA.
> He's a lot like Josh Howard or Jared Dudley, albeit hyperathletic (do
> a search for him on YouTube for some jawdropping dunks). Like Howard
> (and Dudley for that matter) he works his ass off, when I first saw
> him a couple of years ago he looked nothing like an NBA player (or
> looked like one in a Ty Thomas sort of way, all hops). By last year
> he'd developed a great off the dribble game. He drains the pull up
> jumper going right or left. His handle has developed into an asset.
> Frankly, after Oden, Durant, Horford and Brandan Wright he'd be my #5.
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