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R Howe regmanw6 at
Tue Jun 19 23:06:48 CDT 2007

For me to make the KG trade work for both teams if Jefferson is included, Minny gets Jefferson, plus one of Green/West/??? (anybody not Pierce, Rhondo, Perks) plus return of rights to future Minny pick (Maybe our 08 pick also), plus Theo. They DO NOT get our 07 pick.   If they want our pick then we discuss swap, depending who player x from C's they are getting. Does this, give or take, get it done?  Dont know but if not then walk.

Why I would consider a fair trade (not with our 07 pick included) for Garnett that includes a younger Jefferson going to Minn, where do I begin? 
1. Garnett w/Pierce would make up one of the leagues premiere 1-2 punches, each a beast to stop that would open the floor for everyone else.
2. Both are unselfish superstars and possess great understanding of how to play the game.
3. Both are great 4th qtr crunch time players.
4. Both have had positive playoff experience and are both hungry to go finals, knowing what it takes to get there. Both would hit camp with that as the focus rather than just making the playoffs, changes the attitude/focus of the C's instantly 
5. Both have a good 3 prime years left (barring injuries). Plenty of time for Ainge to reload.
6. Both for the first time would be playing w a true complimentary all-star.
7. The team right now (assuming Green or West are gone in the trade also) is well setup to provide a solid mix of role players w/skills to compliment Pierce and Garnett: Wally, TA, Gomes, Perkins, Rhondo and either Green or West plus the 07 pick, ours or Minn's (my demand), is young but experienced and skilled enough to make the C's a very solid team 1-9 players deep and able to handle most any style of play.

I know the KG trade, like all the trial-balloons being floated, most likely doesn't happen and I would be ok with that. But if it were to happen and we do not give up a 07 lottery slot then, IMO, it would be worth (sadly) to see Jefferson and player-x, plus I am sure, future picks; because then the discussion instantly changes to how far the C's can go into the playoffs.. Wouldn't that be grand? 

Go C's

 Kim Malo <kmalo17 at> wrote: At 09:02 PM 6/19/2007, asterix ninetynine wrote:
>Well, yah, I'm sure that Minny wouldn't want to give up both 
>picks.  Just like we wouldn't want to give up Jefferson and the 
>pick.  That's probably why the report said the teams were far apart.
>   I think swapping picks would make up that difference.

Sure, but as I said, I don't see any reason why Minny agrees to do 
that (sorry if I was confusing, I didn't mean to imply anything about 
Minny giving up both picks, if you thought I did). There's no 
advantage to them in doing it over the deal as stated, where they end 
up with both picks. They're not so desperate to trade KG (or acquire 
Al instead I presume) they'll do it just to make that happen. And the 
resulting rebuilding mode they'll be in means they sort of need to 
end up with both picks to soothe their already restless fanbase that 
they didn't get rooked on another deal.

Me, I can only hope they stay apart. I like KG and and lord knows, 
watching him on the court would be a lot better than some of the 
messes I've watched over the past few years. But I still don't see 
how he makes us immediate contenders based on his track record and 
our status now and after the deal, while he's getting older with only 
a couple years before he's a FA again and can walk. And what's the 
point otherwise? His contract handcuffs us on moves to improve around 
him. Even if we get under the cap through dealing Wally or Paul, the 
other big contracts, we're still just barely under, not left with 
enough cap room to actually sign a FA for significant money. And 
tired as I am of losing, I don't want to deal one of our most 
promising young players in a while to just achieve a higher level of 


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