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Mon Jun 18 16:29:41 CDT 2007

At 12:53 PM 6/18/2007, mark at wrote:
>Sean Grande made a great point last night on CSL radio... it should be
>mentioned/appreciated that its a big diff. that we can legitimately
>discuss the myriad of rumored trades (KG, Marion, Boozer, Iverson, Chris
>Paul) BECAUSE of what Ainge has done adding talent to this team... he
>contrasted that to when Shaq was on the market.  He pointed out that Shaq
>wouldn't have come here, but that we coudln't even make an offer. Now we
>can -- and if we don't the future's pretty good w/ JEfferson (that last
>bit's mine).

Kim wrote:
He's right about our now having tradeable assets vs just pieces we
can hope to try to snooker someone into taking, and how huge a
difference that is. But of course it's only as valuable as all that
if you actually use them as such and do a good job of it. Any good
part of Danny's reputation unquestionably rests on his drafting, not
on his dealmaking and FA signings, which have all had major
questions. So that's not an unquestionable blessing.

Here's the way i look at it --- arguably with green-tinted glass i guess
(i wasn't in the pit b/c i actually listened to the show afterwards via
Celticsblog making it Celtics Stuff notLive any more :).

What's different is that we have options -- we can keep growing by
developing our talent (jefferson, west, allen, gomes, green, perkins,
rondo) which is a viable option since they comprise a solid-if-as-of-yet
unspectacular core; OR we can try to package some of them to upgrade
talent and make a run sooner.

Neither was realy possible when Ainge took over. And which is why -- while
i'm not happy about not progressing faster -- I am tyring to look at the
state of things as half-full right now.

I was also thinking this morning that what gets overlooked IMO -- is see
this as part of "the good part of Danny's reputation" -- is the quality of
guys Ainge has gone after over the last few years (if we believe the
"reports" about how close these were):

Chris Paul -- this sounded very close if not for Chris Wallace

Allen Iverson - philly probably didn't want to face him 6x a year, but we
were in the running it sounded like

Baron Davis (it was reported to be him or Walker at the deadline)

Carlos Boozer -- not clear how close that actually got

Karl Malone -- we didn't have much to offer, but Ainge was there at
midnight and Malone said he was very impressed

For a variety of reasons we have not actually landed them (for better and
worse), but I do think it goes toward Ainge's efforts.  But, as Sean
Grande also pointed out -- and even a trade-mongerer like me would admit
-- it's very hard to actually make a trade happen.

Yeah a lot of what gets thrown around is fantasy-like trades --- here and
in the "real press" --- but I guess I have to believe that some of that
has to be a function of Ainge working to improve this team. He's clearly
identified (PG, muscle up front) that this team is missing, and he's
trying to get it via trades.

(the other) mark

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