Two Kobe Bryant trade scenarios

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I've always thought way too much was made of the fact we helped DET get R.
Wallace --- esp. now that he's back on the block.  So they got a title...
we gave up NOTHING and got Tony Allen in return.  I'd do that 100 times
out of 100.

But Chad Ford must be out of his freakin' mind if he thinks we'll (a)
trade Pierce for Tyrus Thomas, Ben Gordon and PJ Brown and (b) that in so
doing we'll make the Bulls much, much better for a while and help the
hated Lakers.

And peopel complain about the trade ideas we come up with round here...

(the other) mark

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Two Kobe Bryant trade scenarios

By Chad Ford

More than two weeks after _Kobe Bryant_
(  made his
trade request to the Lakers, he still wants
out, says his agent.
"Kobe's position remains unchanged," Bryant's agent Rob Pelinka told
on Friday. "Kobe would like to be moved."
The question remains, will the Lakers move him? The head says no. But the
scuttlebutt suggests otherwise. A number of GMs and agents around the
league seem
convinced that he's going to be traded.
The Lakers had strong interest in trading for _Jermaine O'Neal_
(  before
Bryant's trade
request. But that interest has cooled since then. Why? Because there's no
need to
bring in a big-money player like O'Neal and gut the team if Bryant isn't
going to
be around.
>From what I can gather, the Lakers would have two conditions to meet in any
Kobe Bryant trade:
1. They want to send him to the Eastern Conference.
2. They need a star player back in return.
The Eastern Conference preference would potentially rule out such places as
Phoenix and Golden State, both of which have significant assets and interest.
And, of course, the lack of available stars would rule out just about every
team in the East, including the Knicks.
Some East teams lack the star power to bid directly for Bryant. Others have
stars that aren't going anywhere.
For instance, the Cavs and Heat have superstars _LeBron James_
(  and _Dwyane
( , but both
are untouchable.
Ditto, apparently, for _Dwight Howard_
(  in Orlando.
Chicago, from what I hear, is Bryant's first preference, and he might be
willing to waive his trade kicker (a bonus payment if he's traded) to play
While the Bulls have lots of assets, such as _Ben Gordon_
( , _Luol Deng_
(  and the No.
9 pick in the draft, that
package lacks true star power.
Based on my conversations with various sources around the league, I see two
intriguing possibilities if the Lakers are looking for an Eastern Conference
star -- the Wizards' _Gilbert Arenas_
(  and the
Celtics' _Paul Pierce_
( .
Scenario 1
Arenas isn't Kobe, in talent or stardom. But he is from Los Angeles, he's
more than three years younger, he has great magnetism and, like Bryant, he
fill the seats.
With Arenas saying he'll opt out of his contract with Washington next summer,
the Wizards might want to start looking at ways to move him now before
running the risk of losing him for nothing.
Here's one potential trade, with Bryant headed to Chicago and Arenas to L.A.
The Bulls would send Gordon, _Tyrus Thomas_
(  and _P.J.
(sign-and-trade) to Washington, and the No. 9
pick to L.A.
The Lakers would send Bryant to Chicago.
The Wizards would send Arenas and _Etan Thomas_
(  to L.A.
Under that scenario, which couldn't be completed until mid-July, the Lakers
would get a star player (Arenas) and a high draft pick (No. 9) which, I'm
they'd use to get _Yi Jianlian_
 if he's still on the board.
The Bulls would be paying a very high price for Kobe -- two high lottery
picks and this year's No. 9. But the Bulls would keep Deng, something they
desperately want to do. On the other hand, they still wouldn't have a
The Wizards would avoid having to break the bank for Arenas next summer,
would bring in two very talented young players and would get some serious cap
relief down the road.
Scenario 2
A similar trade could work if the Lakers were willing to substitute Boston
and Paul Pierce. While Pierce is almost 30 years old, I'm told the Lakers
him -- and he's from L.A. too.
The Bulls would send Gordon, _Tyrus Thomas_
(  and _P.J.
(sign-and-trade) to Boston, and the No. 9 pick to
The Lakers would send Bryant to Chicago.
The Celtics would send Pierce to L.A.
That deal would make the Celtics even younger than they already are, but it
would also give them plenty of assets to continue making deals.
_Chad Ford_ (
covers the NBA for ESPN Insider.

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