Eggcentric at aol.com Eggcentric at aol.com
Fri Jun 15 07:53:33 CDT 2007

> I think it only makes sense if they are looking to trade down.  
> Such as a swap of picks in the aforementioned JJ trade.
>      - Asterix

It makes a lot of sense for the Celts to trade down to #11 since there is
little difference in talent among the players who will be available at
4 to 12.   But I believe our Atlanta discussions (one of about 20 teams
we are talking to) are basically centered on Josh Smith (not JJ) and 
the #11 for our #5 and Allen or West plus Powe.   We would then take 
a big (Jason Smith, Hawes, or Sean Williams) at #11.

Meanwhile Atlanta takes Conley and either Horford or Jainlian.


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