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Hi all,

Just sticking my head out of the gopher hole to put in my 2 cents on the
latest trades/draft possibility.  1st, I don't consider the added Celt
players just fodder.  The Suns would make out like bandits.  A quick
forward in Gomes in the western conference, a potential offensive force
in West in a situation where missing a few shots is not the end of the
world, as long as you keep shooting, and Allen who on his last western
trip just plain pulverized the "defenses" he faced, including the Suns'.
(I remember thinking during that exact game-"Boy, Allen would be
terrific over a long season in the Western conference.") In fact, the
player the Suns really want is Allen, hoping he can revert to his best.
He adds a new dimension to their offense (power driving, 20 sure
points), and to the defense (actually defends, and very well).  On top
of this they would get a possible Brewer whom I agree could become a
great player in their system.  

What do we get?  We lose our best defender in Allen and don't replace
him, 2 steady players, a chance at the draft.  Wasn't this the greatest
draft to come along in years?

Now, Rashad Lewis for Theo and Delonte and we keep the pick, bring it
on.  We now get possibly 2 big quick guys for almost nothing.  We
basically make up for missing out on Durant and how!

Just another thought.  I'wouldn't give up on GG so easily.  He was
grossly mismanaged last season, except for a very few games, one of
which was the Spurs win when he was put in at just the right times to do
just the right things.


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FWIW, according to posts (via the over-quota Celticsblog)on RealGM,
might not be the real target... the C's might be trying to add Rashard
Lewis instead. the posts are interestign reads from someone who claims
have some sources....

the last bit i read was the C's offer was Theo + Delonte for Lewis (who
wants to play with GGreen... who would be the more obvious addition than

I would much rather add Marion than Lewis (who i've never been a huge
of). Someone pointed out that guys who can fill up the scoreboard but
aren't complete players (like Lewis) aren't what this team needs.

If we can get him though w/o giving up the #5, i don't see how we don't

(the other) mark

PS. sorry Kim for throwing more fire on the trade talk :)

It's a pretty simple difference. Win now, win later. I don't say that
sides either. I'm pretty much thinking the #5 pick (say it's Brewer) and
Shawn Marion are pretty much the same, whether that sameness is today or
years from today.

That's the key question here: not should we trade the #5 pick for Shawn
Marion (the rest is fodder - throw out sentimentalism you can get the
players included EVERY year either via the draft or free agency), but do
we want
the caliber of player Marion is NOW (with risk he'll either leave or be
ineffective in a couple years) or that same caliber in about 2-3 years 
(with risk
he won't develop)?  That's the question everyone should ask  themselves.

Me, I'm fine with it either way. If we make the trade - cool. We finally
have another all-star to pair with Pierce. If we don't make it - cool -
a potential decade of an all-star to pair with Jefferson.

I too am starting to warm to this idea, and not just b/c i don't  want
Steve to hyperventilate.

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