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catching up with: scott wedman

Champion stays modest

Former Celtic finally finds time to celebrate career

By Irv Moss
Denver Post Staff Writer
The Denver Post

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Wedman tells of his days as a distance runner. He didn't run during 
his prep days at Mullen High School or at the University of Colorado, 
but Bird provided a memorable indoctrination.

The scene was set when Wedman arrived at practice one day and found 
Bird running around the basketball floor. The process continued for a 
few days before Bird let it be known that he wanted to run a marathon.

Bird's next step was to enter a 10-kilometer race, and, of course, 
Wedman went along for the run.

"We started out pretty slow and everybody was passing us," Wedman 
said. "We could hear people saying that they were passing Larry Bird. 
Then, with about a mile to go, he takes off on a dead sprint. I'm 
right on his heels and nobody passed us. When we crossed the finish 
line, I could hardly breathe. He just headed for a bar."

Bird remembers the race, too.

"I actually won the heavyweight division," Bird said from the Indiana 
Pacers' headquarters. "We both ran it in 32-something. Scott was a 
hard-nosed player and a very good teammate. I enjoyed being around 
him and always ahead of him when we ran."

And man that last bit is just classic Bird <g> as are his ways of 
finishing the race

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