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If Seattle truly waffles on Durant, then I think there is a strong
possibility a team could acquire the second pick.  For example Atlanta
(assuming genuine interest in Durant) could offer three and eleven and if
Seattle isn't sold on Durant, they could do that deal and walk away from the
draft with two quality talents possibly filling out their need for an
all-star caliber big and either a quality point guard in Law or a 2/3 in

My guess is this Durant talk is much ado about nothing, writers trying to
create some controversy so we all have something to read and talk about or
hope about. 


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> > OK, found it. The "rumor" is from our own Peter Delevett. Now let's stop
> > talking like Perk and the #5 for #3 makes any sense, unless somehow
> > Durant isn't going No. 2.
> Since you mention it, is that becoming more of a possibility?  I think
> it's been a reasonable assumption from the start of this past college
> season that Oden was going to be a safer pick, even if Durant had a higher
> ceiling (Jordan/Odom vs. Russell/Mutombo, going best/worst for each).
> With Durant not exactly lighting the world on fire at his recent workout,
> and his lack of physical strength being more exposed than it was in
> college, is there a chance that Seattle panics and takes guy like Horford,
> who can maybe step in right away and be that big athletic rebounder and
> defender underneath?  And if so, is it even worth it then to trade up and
> get the #3?  I think if Durant manages to fall from the top two for
> whatever reason, he MIGHT slip anbother spot or two.  I KNOW he won't slip
> to #5 - I'm not saying that.  But do the recent rumblings about his
> strength and preparedness for the NBA maybe, in a draft with a bunch of
> guys with NBA-ready bodies, scare off a team or two?
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