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Peter Delevett pdelevett at
Tue Jun 5 01:26:00 CDT 2007

Still has the Cs taking Yi at #5. I've read some
commentary that Ainge can't afford to wait for him to
develop, so if Boston drafts him I'll give Ainge
credit for a gutsy pick, knowing he may not be there
to reap the rewards if Yi develops. (Personally, it's
hard to think about passing on a kid who the pundits
keep calling the third-best prospect in the draft, but
there's no question Yi would be a gamble.)

Chad Ford also speculates Ainge could trade the pick,
as Chicago and Golden State want Yi too. (Interesting,
because you'd think both those teams would want a guy
who could contribute right away.)

Horford seems to be moving up - he measured just under
6'10 in Orlando with a 7'3 wing span. He's the guy the
Globe seems to be bucking for in its slideshow of the
top possibilities, but if Ainge wants him he may well
need to swing a deal. OTOH, Ford speculates that if
Memphis gets Horford it might grease the skids for
them to trade Gasol - I still think that would be, by
far, the best outcome of this draft for Boston if they
could get him without giving up Pierce or Al.

Finally, Ford says the Cs could go with Brewer, which
he says "might mean the end of the Paul Pierce era in
Boston." Personally, I don't think that would be a
move forward - I'm not as enamored of Brewer as some
on this list. But of course, a lot would depend on
what Ainge could get for Pierce (and on whether Tony
A. comes back healthy).

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