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Mon Jun 4 07:58:13 CDT 2007

Jeff Green is more talented than Al Thornton?  Since when?

Not saying I'm sold on Thornton's brain type, but he's a hell of a player.
I had the good fortune of watching him in person a half-dozen times over the
past three seasons, and he's become a beast.



On 6/4/07, Eggcentric at aol.com <Eggcentric at aol.com> wrote:
> . In the past 25 yrs., only three No. 1 picks have seen their team win
> a Championship ...   Olajuwon with Houston and Robinson and Duncan
> with San Antonio.   Shaq also won championships, but not with the
> team that drafted him.
> . Doc Brain once again was sitteth at the right side of Danny Almighty
> at the pre-draft camp with not one Celt scout sitteth at his left.
> Must make our scouts feel real important, eh?   Brain prefers
> Thornton's brain type over other more talented wings Brewer,
> Green, and Julian Wright.   Does he also favor Jianlian over BIGS
> Brandon Wright, Horford, and Noah?
> . Seems like Wyc, out of desperation, might now be amenable
> to actually trading Ratliff's expiring contract for a vet player
> with a long-range biggy contract.   So maybe we can expect
> a trade for our #5, Ratliff, and Green (Danny's perennial trade
> chipster). If we trade #5, might we then expect that Danny, who
> is clearly addicted to never seeing a draftee he didn't love, will
> not be able to resist still adding a couple of '07 draftees to
> our roster?   He might even attempt to acquire a middle first
> round pick (for Jason Smith, who I mentioned a while back he
> was smitten with at #32),
> . Why do so many Celt message boardees dislike Obie almost as
> much as they dislike Peter May?
> "O'Brien had been out of the NBA since the 76ers dismissed him
> following the 2004-05 season. The Sixers made the playoffs that
> year with a 43-39 record, a 10-game improvement. They had not
> made the playoffs the year before O'Brien arrived and they have
> not made them since O'Brien left."   - Peter May, 6/3
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