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But you have to wonder why Seattle would want to take on the salaries of Crawford and Robinson?  Doesn't make sense.

Peter Delevett <pdelevett at> wrote:  I'm not so sure O'Neal is gonna stay in Pacerland. The
Lakers *have* to make a splashy deal to keep their
prima donna happy. While it makes all sorts of sense
for them to go hard after Garnett (Odom & Bynum would
make a decent enticement for a team that's not going
anywhere anyway), my gut tells me McHale doesn't pull
the trigger unless KG publicly forces a trade. That
leaves J O'Neal as the next most attractive option.
I'm not sure O'Neal really meshes with the high-priced
frontcourt dorks Chris Mullin unloaded on them. Odom
would give you an ability to mix and match with
Dunleavy and Murphy, and Bynum could be an emerging
star. In a lot of ways, that's a classic Donnie Walsh
move. And I don't think O'Neal is necessarily
universally loved by the fans, but I could be wrong
about that.

I hate to say I don't see a way clear to the Celtics
picking up O'Neal or Gasol. I just don't think we can
get either guy without giving up Al or Pierce, which
would at best be a lateral move. Green, Gomes and the
#5 pick, plus Ratliff's expiring deal? Don't see that

I was trying last night to figure out a way we could
top New York's reported offer of Jamal Crawford and
Nate Robinson for Rashard Lewis, but then I realized
those two guys average a combined 28 ppg. Only ways to
make the salaries match up would be for Seattle to
agree to take Ratliff and then throw in cap fodder
like Damian Wilkins to balance the scales. 

>>>Mark P wrote: My first preference is still to move
the #5 pick for either Gasol or J.
O'neal... failing that my preference for that #5 pick
is (in order):

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