Steal of the draft

Enrile, Roy renrile at
Fri Jun 1 18:03:42 CDT 2007

Here's a few other names that I think will be second round steals.
They're four mature seniors that could be factors right away, and are
overlooked because of the highly covered underclassmen.
Zabian Dowdell, Jermareo Davidson, Alando Tucker, Aaron Brooks.

Zabian Dowdell 6'3" 195 from Virginia Tech - according to articles is
wowing scouts and embarrasing his competition in draft camp drills and 5
on 5 scrimmages.  He's a powerful, fast combo PG, shot 38.6% from 3pt
range this year, but most of all is a rough dominant defender (like
Derek Fisher/Daniel Gibson but a lot more athletic slashing).  He abused
FAR more talented teams UNC & Duke, with wins.  He was so vicious &
competitive in the wins I saw, that I like him even better than Acie
Law, and Taurean Green (who are also quality big sized PG's).  Head to
head against Sean Singletary (the 6'0" Travis Best type from Virginia,
that some listmembers like), he looked like the one who's an NBA player.
Much tougher and better PG insurance, than Bassy.  He's the 2nd round
role player I think may shock people, the way Daniel Gibson is doing

Jermareo Davidson 6'11" of Alabama - is a Joakim Noah/Tony Battie
play-alike, that got little TV coverage.   I was able to see his game
against the Florida bigmen, and he easily looked as good as Joakim that
one game.  Just as tall/mobile, rebounded & shotblocked with a chip on
his shoulder.  On offense his dunks and Drew Gooden type catchNshoot
jumper had good form.  I'd say no to Jermareo's 2nd round shotblocker
competition: 6'10 Sean Williams (BC), 7'3 Hasheem Thabeet (UCONN),
because one's a bigtime headcase, and the other is soft and probably
3yrs away from possibly becoming like Dalembert.

6'5" Alando Tucker & 5'11 Aaron Brooks - Are the two gunners I've seen
who are gifted with the natural scoring talent to be Mitch Richmond/Nick
VanExel types, if Danny wants to gamble on them.  But they really don't
play D with urgency, and are kind of one dimensional.

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