gene kirkpatrick gk_tyler at
Fri Jun 1 13:57:32 CDT 2007

thanks for putting A. Wyatt on the table; intriguing prospect and the kind of guy that has the size and quickness to be a player if he continues to develop.  My second round focus is on T. Green of Fl. for now; I was impressed with his game control and outside shot in Florida's run.  I also think Ainge might trade up a bit to get a player in the low twenties; maybe Phoenix would want Ray or someone and swap a few places with us.  Not a good example, but I expect Ainge to be active with our tradeable assets.
  Wouldn't it be nice to bring in Carlisle as assistant coach?  Ok, so it's not feasible.  
  Doesn't O'Brien's move to Indy cinch that they will keep O'Neal?  He wants vets.
  Doesn't O'Donovan's move from Florida to the Magic show a man on the make?  Not many gonna turn down $30 mil by the time they're 50.  
  I've lost all confidence in the Pistons.  If they can't stop one man from beating them, they don't deserve to win.  If the Cavs go on to face the Spurs, it will be interesting.  I would expect the Spurs to nail them, but who knows?
  LeBron, Carter, Wade, Arenas, Redd, the Pistons shooter, and those I've forgotten:  all need to be stopped by an aggressive wing defender or you won't beat them.  Answer:  Corey Brewer.  Getting one of the PFs makes more sense roster wise; getting a stopper makes sense winning wise.  (I'm not sure what I would do if B. Wright or Horford were available, but if they're not, to me it's Brewer).  Cheers, Gene

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