Ainge Gives His WEEI Thoughts On Pierce, Etc.

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Fri Sep 23 13:02:26 CDT 2005

At 08:38 AM 9/23/2005, Way Of The Ray wrote:
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>On the point guard situation (I only caught part of
>this): "We have 5 guys who can play the point and
>we're going to let them compete against each other in
>camp to determine who makes the roster and who
>receives playing time. Tony Allen has seen some time
>at the point and actually did really well."
>This took me by surprise. I had no idea that Tony
>Allen was playing point guard and that Ainge actually
>thought the experiment was going well. It does make me
>wonder, however, whether Ainge has any confidence at
>all in the 5 point guards already in camp. Why would
>you try Tony Allen out at the point when you already
>have a glut of players at the position?

Makes me wonder if this guy watches the games and how much else of what he 
heard should be taken seriously. I saw Tony inserted a few times briefly at 
the point last season and "did real well" is not exactly the phrase that 
leapt to mind. I mean I love Tony in some ways, BUT the only way you have 
him playing PG is on an offense/defense switch where you use him to guard a 
particularly large, strong, athletic PG.


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