Ainge Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag About Allen's Injury

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Fri Sep 23 07:46:27 CDT 2005

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Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 12:31 pm     
I caught Danny Ainge's brief spot in 1510 yesterday
with Eddie Andelman. It was a pretty harmless spot
from a charity golf tournament for the mostpart, but
then DA dropped a very interesting nugget about the
Allen injury. 

Eddie was asking softball questions about the shooting
incident, and Ainge was just repeating that Tony is a
good kid from a tough neighborhood, and hopefully now
he had learned his lesson the hard way. Then he went
on to say: 

"Tony made a mistake, and he knows it. He had to have
surgery to pay for that mistake." 

Whhhaaaaaat!?!? In typical Andelman style, this
statement was completely overlooked and no follow-up
questions were asked as Eddie immediately began
talking about the KowLoon. But apparently Danny Ainge
believes that Tony Allen's knee injury was sustained
during the shooting incident, or it is at least
somewhat related. -- Nazareth33

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