Scouting Report: Gerald Green

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I *LOVE* this quote, which encapsules his being the absolute opposite of the problem with WalkerPierce and their 3s 
"He will hit the three but won't fall in love with it,  electing to fake, drive and take the mid-range shot 

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Scouting Report: Gerald Green
Vital Statistics  Position: F School/Team: Gulf Shores Academy (Houston)  
Height: 6-8 Weight: 200 lbs.    Although he didn't win any national awards, Green 
 is considered the best pro prospect among the prep stars making the  jump to 
the NBA this season. Originally signing with Oklahoma State,  Green always 
had one eye on declaring.  
After his 24-point performance at the McDonald's  All-American game, which 
included 6-9 from three, there was little  doubt that he would renege on his 
commitment to the Cowboys.Many  compare Green's game to that of Tracy McGrady. He 
has the ability to  rise up and take the jumper, or drive past his man on the 
perimeter  to finish at the basket. He has great leaping ability, which helps 
 him elevate his jumper over taller defenders on the perimeter.   
Though he can finish at the bucket, it's his  all-around shooting ability 
from outside that makes Green stand  apart. He will hit the three but won't fall 
in love with it,  electing to fake, drive and take the mid-range shot 
instead.As with  many high school players, one of the knocks on Green was his  
consistency from game to game. He sometimes would take time off  while on the court, 
electing to play lackadaisical defense and  concentrating on his offense only. 
Green will soon realize that there is no place for  taking plays off in the 
NBA, and that such lapses will land him on  the bench quickly.The fact that he 
is being compared favorably to  Tracy McGrady will have some team falling in 
love with him during  individual workouts.  
Green will probably start playing shooting guard,  and with his height, he 
will be able to compete on both ends of the  court. He will need to put on 
weight, as most prep players do, to  survive the rigors of 82 games. However, if he 
puts in the work,  Green could develop into a star in the league. He is 
headed to the  lottery for sure, and may wind up in the top-10 on draft  night.
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