Fwd: [Celtics' Stuff ] Swift, Humphries, Slokar and Bogdanovic.-Draft City

djessen33 at wiacomm.net djessen33 at wiacomm.net
Mon May 31 21:38:45 CDT 2004

I am starting to be convinced that this is a mock with a 
lot of reality. Unfornately, I don't like how it ends up 
for the Cs with Swift ok at the 15 but we just end up with 
Humphries and Slokar. I guess that allows us to make the 
trade with the Wolves but let Slokar develop overseas. 
Maybe we take the big Korean instead of Slokar. However, 
it doesn't provide the excitement that a draft of Swift, 
Wright and Jefferson can provide or even Pavel or Peja. 
Seems we need to have Alridge and Andrealphabet in there 
to allow these guys to slide to the Cs. Trading the two 
later picks with the Hawks to get the 17 pick could allow 
us to get one of those guys but if that happens, I would 
hope that there is one guy who really stands out that you 
would do it for. It would still be disappointing....


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