Romain Sato

Gregg Allen gr_allen at
Mon May 31 18:33:21 CDT 2004

I don't think this information is real current, but I found it interesting nonetheless.  If he's still on the board when we make our second round pick, I would take a chance with him.

Strengths: Freakish athleticism. Combines broad shoulders and amazing strength with jaw dropping leaping ability. Has a great 3 point stroke. Leadership skills, and winning attitude with excellent willingness to improve and be coached. Has a pretty amazing body-extremely well built but flexible. Super defensively and a strong rebounder. Sato rebounds like a power forward-he goes after everything. He still needs to get better as a creator, but already possesses NBA 3 pt range, and looks great doing it. Has a great attitude as well. Romain is one of the rare guards who impact a game 3 dimensionally-meaning offense, defense, and rebounding. His 6'5 frame features a 7' wingspan, huge and defined upper body muscles, and strong legs that enable him to jump 38+" vertically. As a 2 guard, he is a beast. 

OFFENSE: Romain's best offensive skill is his stationary 3 point shooting. He has terrific range and consistency, and can easily shoot the NBA 3. Watching him shoot 3's in a drill is like watching a robot-it's the same shot every time. Quick release, high arc, good follow thru. His shooting ability alone, combined with his size, make him an NBA player. But he has a better knack for scoring than most great shooters, using his great body very effectively in the post and off dribble penetrations to the lane for a pull up jumper. He excels in transition and is a killer on the offensive glass. He goes to the boards like a power forward, and he goes EVERY TIME. Look for him to put all these talents into good use this year, and score 35+ points on a few occasions. He is a solid ball handler, but rarely uses a dribble move to create space, relying instead on his quickness and size to get shots. He has improved his passing a great deal as well, and is used to feeding the post after playing 3 years with David West. A first team A-10 selection last season. 

DEFENSE: Romain is a lock down defensive stopper-you put him on the other teams best scoring guard, and expect that guard to have a poor shooting performance. He is quick and rangy with great strength, and can jump quickly as well. Simply put, he is a nightmare to try and score against. His rebounding mentality is second to none, so no matter which opponent attempts a shot, he is there to rebound and start the break. A 2 time All-League defensive selection.

Weaknesses: Understanding of the game and passing, ball handling all must continue to improve. Appears undersized at a shade under 6-5, however with his wingspan he is like a 6-7 player. He needs to learn to make more plays off a dribble move. He is capable of it, but is more comfortable using other methods. As his knowledge improves, so will his ability to anticipate things offensively, making him a more effective slasher and passer. If he can get to the free throw line a good deal this season, it means he has improved in that area, and he will enjoy a monster year. Defensively, he is better at structured defenses than ones looking to create some chaos. Again, improved basketball IQ will help his cause in pressure style defenses where quick reads and a good feel are vital. 

Projection: Will be one of the top 2 or 3 shooting guards in the 2004 NBA draft. His combination of shooting, rebounding, athleticism, and defensive ability as a 2 guard is very rare. 

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