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I agree. I think Kendrick, even though he's 6-10, is a center. He has
long arms to compensate for being a couple inches short of your ideal
center. I think he'll be fine. He's the reason I wouldn't overpay for
Blount, especially if it costs you the chance to use that money on
another mid-level free agent. Because we've established that that's what
we'll have to use for Blount, right? If I have my choice of Blount or
Brent Barry (for example) at the same money, I take Barry every time.


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I don't think Kendrick is quick or athletic enough to be a power
forward. He would have tremendous difficulty covering these forwards
15-20 feet from the basket. 


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>  >>Doc drove over to talk with Blount last weekend (since both live in

> FL) and  >>he said he still wants to be with the Cs for whatever 
> that's worth  >  >this is actually a bit of a surprise to me.  I guess

> I'd just marked  >Blount down as gone.  I have to say that i'd at 
> least entertain the notion  >of resigning Blount at 3 years, $14 mil 
> -- that's basically the same money
>  >he'd get as the MLE elsewhere.   I wouldn't break the bank, but
Blount is
>  >a decent center.
>Yeah, that one was a surprise to me too, which was why I flagged it, 
>despite all the people here brushing him off as a bum. And I'm still 
>not sure I believe it. Came up in response to a general question if Doc

>had already spoken to all the players (yes) with Blount being named in 
>particular. I agree with you that Blount is a decent center, but not 
>worth breaking the bank over. Especially if Kendrick is still targeted 
>to be the starter in a year or two.

Agreed on Kendrick.  So maybe we could offer Blount more money, but 
shorter deal or with a team option -- like 2 years $11 mil, or 12 
mil. -- so he's not here when KP is ready.  2 years would be when 
Chucky Atkins' deal is up too.

Based on the very limited minutes I saw him play, KP looked to be 
6-10, maybe 6-11.  Does anyone else think he might end up our PF of 
the future rather than Center?  I guess he could still put on a few 
inches at 19.

>  >A Davis-LaFrentz-Blount front line would be nice.
>Davis as in Ricky? Yeah, except I think Davis is the SG and Pierce is a

>SF, so it would be Pierce-LaFrentz-Blount.

Yeah -- brain freeze, I meant to write PP with Davis at SG. My point 
was taht I think Davis should be starting.  I think he would be 
happier and more productive in that role and Jiri could really anchor 
the 2nd unit offensively.  Davis actually played more mins than 
Welsch and I think Welsch would be an excellent 6th man -- subbing 
for RD or PP, whoever's in foul trouble or lagging.

>  >>Sees the value in playing someone just to rebound, because we can 
> get  >>offense from others and you HAVE to rebound to win  >
>  >I REALLY like this -- i hope that means that if Blount leaves Rivers
>  >give Hunter an actual chance to grab the starting PF spot.  I still
>  >Hunter can be a decent starting PF -- esp. on a team with offense at
>  >positiions.
>I agree with Doc's point, but not wholeheartedly with yours about 
>Hunter. For a bunch of reasons. Including that it's not so much a 
>matter of the points Hunter does or doesn't provide personally that are

>a big part of the problems on offense, but how his weaknesses let other

>teams play everyone else.

what would you say those weaknesses are Kim? I think carroll threw a 
lot of junk around, but am interested in what you see on the court.

I guess I think that given the opportunity, Hunter can fix the 
weaknesses that let players slack off to other folks.  I really think 
Carroll's now-your-starting playing 30 min, now-you're-still-starting 
but playing 8 mins. had an effect on Hunter's confidence and it led 
him to pressing too hard, rather than playing hard.

I think given a reasonable offense Hunter could easily make teams pay 
for double teaming PP or Davis by consistently knocking down the 8-10 
foot jumper -- like Gary Trent does for Minn.

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