Some thoughts about Doc

Doug Jessen djessen33 at
Wed May 26 22:10:17 CDT 2004

I still don't see any point, other than the one on the top 
of your head. 

So what if we haven't heard all the dirt? How is that 
going to change anything or any opinions? Since we only 
hear 25% of the stuff sayeth you, would it also not be 
true that we don't hear all the good stuff either? By the 
same token, wouldn't it be all relative? Assuming all 
beatwriters are equal in the sight of God and don't exceed 
their 25% dirt ceiling, we don't hear all the dirt on 
Obie, or Dr. Jack, or Kobe or Duncan etc either then, do 
we? Wizard fans don't hear all the dirt on their players. 
So it is all relative. You get the point?

But what is your role anyways? Why do you care? Are you 
the NE Dirt Doctor? Is it your role to make sure everyone 
knows the personal faults of the Celtic players? She who 
has never sinned, let her cast the first stone....

DJ aka DJessen33

>So, (the other) Doug, after all this venting, my basic 
>point remains:  
>Due only to the discretion and job-security (assuming the 
>continued presence) of the local sportswriters and 
>broadcasters, we 
>fans have heard maybe 1/4 of the bad concerning our team. 
>And damn if we haven't resented even hearing that.

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