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Wed May 26 10:02:14 CDT 2004

< I often wondered what the reason was for Holley shuffling off to Chicago
for that brief time.  I had spoken with him at a restaurant prior to a
Sox game last year and he clearly loved it in Boston. > - Cecil

If you recall, Michael “The Assassin” Holley was the most outspoken 
anti-Pitino critic of that era, ever favoring and quoting the views of 
players such as Walker.  The liberal (closet conservative?) Globe found 
Holley to be a talented writer but ever too liberal in his views... not 
near as fair and balanced as Fox’s O’Reilly.  Post-Pitino, they were 
happy to have him back, and he has been a model citizen since 
concerning all things Danny.

How lucky can you be for posting today, Cecil?  Your bonus is a 4-5 
year old post to another board which I recently dug up but will now
(from Sports Guy’s AOL Celt board, many years ago)

>>I was even congratulated for my sarcastic, paranoid venom, by one of 
our more strident members, a former Big East™ woman's coach (and it 
now can be revealed; Michael Holly's mother). << -JB

I have come forward to defend my good mother’s honor.

JB, how do you say “cad” in French?  It is times like this that I do wish 
I had better recall of my Martinique heritage.

As you know Egg is NOT my dear sweet mother, merely my mistress. Now 
almost 17, she is a mischievous, stubborn little imp, playfully annoying 
at times, but nonetheless, of good heart. A few years back she had the 
ill fortune of accompanying me to a Celtic Christmas party and while she 
and the coach were whirling about in the tarantella this clumsy man’s left 
Corinthian leather roach killer became entwined with her dainty little 
pump and shattered her 2nd largest toe (now her 4th largest) in three 
areas.  As you know, she has been on a personal vendetta since.

Nonetheless, I am shocked by your gauche behavior in both insulting my 
mother and in picking on this innocent minor. If you will recall little 
Egg  is the one who graciously toured you around this newspaper’s 
Sports Dept. cubicles introducing you to fellow members of the sports 
press while obtaining autographs and complimentary pop for you.  
Is this your thanks?

Should this make any difference to you, she did tell me just minutes 
ago that she is very pleased that you are finally seeing the light and 
wonders if you would like to defect to the anti-Pitino camp instead
of blessing him for all his good works.

MHolly at

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