Private Pyle Says Ainge Has Promised To Take Predrag At 15

Doug Jessen djessen33 at
Sat May 22 08:31:42 CDT 2004

Although I think Ford's analysis leaves a lot to be 
desired, he has certainly has had the insider goods 
relative to the Celtic draft. Danny said earlier he 
learned a lot last year. We will see if he closed the leak 
to Ford....

Snoop Dougie Doug aka DJessen33

>Private Pyle says he very well may be. He says Peja had a 
>great workout in Boston yesterday and Ainge told Peja if 
>he is on the board at 15 then he willbe wearing Green 
>next year. But he also says there is not guarantee that 
>he will be on the board at 15. 

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