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Doug Jessen djessen33 at
Fri May 21 21:16:37 CDT 2004

Sorry you feel that way, Pete. I stand by my statements. 
It is nothing more than what Tommy has said the whole 


>That's absolute B.S. Evidently your memory stinks. Do 
>youI remember  the 
>Kings game earlier in the year when Kedrick was stuck on 
>Peja giving him a  hard 
>Don't believe look at this box score..
>Peja 5-15. Kedrick Brown 26 minutes. It was THIS YEAR. 
>It's not the scheme - Danny brought in some bad defenders 
>and sacked some  
>good coaches.
>Many of same things that Harter did with the Celtics was 
>used  extensively by 
>teams like Indiana and Detroit.
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