Peja Stojakovic

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It's not that Peja is not a heckuva player. It's that he is a
complimentary player and any thought of him as being more than that is
not fair to him.  When you have an excellent defender in Hassell whose
sole responsibility is to follow Peja around the court and prevent him
from getting the ball let alone a clean look at the basket and an
offensive player that is athletically limited and doesn't have the
ability to create his own shot, that shooter can be contained
effectively.  Defensive tenacity can really screw up a shooter/scorer,
especially when that shooter/scorer is dependent on a teammate or team
setting up his shots for him.  Once the rythym and confidence is lost,
it is very difficult to get it back and near impossible if the guy
defending you is really good and passionate about his responsibilities. 


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Just wanted to eat some crow on Peja. We've all been quick to zing Josh
after Garnett's monster game last night, but Josh, I have to give you
some credit on Stojakovic. He lost confidence early in this series and
completely disappeared. I don't remember a better player ever coming up
so small in such a big game.


I still love Peja's game and his efficiency, but I can't help but look
at him a little differently after this series. Would I love to see him
in Boston? Yes. Would I feel confident in him in a clutch situation?



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