i like the idea Kim!

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>Idle thought offer, since there's enough time to do this before the 
>draft  - anyone want me to collect people's draft predictions for 
>the Cs to compare with what really happens? I can keep them in a 
>database, even post them up on the website where I'd put a couple of 
>quick surveys, etc if desired...   Just need to figure out a few 
>guidelines and if there's enough interest (JB, if you want to 
>include offerings from Celticstuff, fine). Up to you guys.

count me in as one who likes the idea (and one who loves virtual 
GMing -- to a point; once the season starts i become much more of a 
fan.  a few other things:

its good for postertiy -- everyone remembers Ray's Ernest Brown pick, 
but who liked who in the more important 2001 draft?  Before the 
archives were taken down i looked up my pick -- and it was 
interesting to see where other people fell (i was pushing for Diop at 
10, and Haywood or Tinsley at 21, can't remember 11 - maybe Johnson 
if he fell.)

maybe to make things simpler, rather than have everyone all the time 
switching picks to do it like NBADraft.net and have different 
versions of our Celtic Mock Draft -- maybe everyone can make a "pick" 
every 1-2 weeks (based on new info).  that way, it seems, you could 
make a simple table on the website with 1-2 wk periods across the 
top, our names across the left so you can track our picks too -- and 
watch as Ray moves from one obscure Intl. player to the next.

finally -- should we differentiate btween who we'd like the C's to 
pick and who we think they will.  This isn't as big a deal in the 
record picking contest b/c we all want the C's to end up 82-0, but 
reality sets in.

For example i think they might end up picking telfair @ 15, but I'd 
rather they take wright (i haven't really decided that for myself 
yet) but for purposes of our all -important contest, which should i 
submit?  Am i smarter or dumber than Ainge?


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