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Mark, haven't you heard?  Statistics prove that there is no
such thing as "clutch."  Or that it only applies in the late
rounds of the playoffs.


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> >Thus - when he comes through - (which clearly he doesn't ALWAYS do) its
> >bigger. But its the team that is putting him in that situation not
> >vice versa. Same deal with Kevin Garnett - I like Cassel and
> >Sprewell.. but Kobe has three
> >guys around him who are hall fo fame guys - Shaq, Payton and Malone.
> >His team is much better - thus he is in more "clutch" situations.
> >
> >Let me say I am VERY happy a guy like Ainge is running the team. Between
> >and Garnett its really not that close - Garnett is a dominant shot
> >and rebounder as well as an excellent scorer.
> I think that Garnett is a once-in-a-lifetime type player -- an
> amazing combination of skills; have you ever seen a 7-foot PG?
> but has anyone else noticed that when the game gets tight he's not
> calling for/demanding the ball?  He actually appears to have a
> tendency to shy away from it.  I'm just mentioning this b/c its
> surprising.  He does so much else for the Twolves that w/o him it
> wouldn't even matter, but unlike the greats (Bird, Jordan, Barkley)
> or even his contemporaries (Kobe, Iverson, even Webber & Pierce) he
> doesn't demand/expect the ball when the game is on the line.  It just
> strikes me as odd given his overall attitude towards the game and his
> role as the team leader.
> when the Twolves need a bucket its as often Sam Cassell looking for
> and getting the shot.
> (the other) mark
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