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I'm probably alone on the list in that I'm willing to trade Pierce for
something other than Kobe, T-Mac, etc. I think the traditional way of
thinking that a star player is someone who can create his own shot is
misguided. I want guys who can do two things - get a shot (this doesn't
mean hand it to him 30 feet from the basket and let him go one-on-one)
and make that shot.

Here's the best example I can come up with. The Pistons traded Jerry
Stackhouse for Rip Hamilton. They were crucified for it. Everyone said
Stackhouse was the better player. He could get his own shot. He could
draw a double team. Well, Stackhouse didn't get many good shots and he
certainly didn't make many shots (check out his shooting percentages).
They said Rip Hamilton couldn't create his own shot and didn't demand a
double team.

But Rip can get his shot - he just gets it by moving without the ball,
running off screens and having a quick release. Why do we value someone
so much for doing something himself that is easier to do if you have
help? I think Hamilton is one of the most underrated players in the
league. Watch the Jersey-Detroit series, and see how much trouble Jersey
has with Hamilton at the ends of games.

So I don't think Pierce can only be traded for another "superstar."
First, I don't put Pierce in that club anymore. And on top of that, I
think the idea that you need that "give it to him and get out of the
way" guy is going out of style in today's NBA. You need a post-up option
and you need a guy capable of getting and making a shot - but it doesn't
have to be his own shot starting 30 feet from the basket.

Having said all that, I still wouldn't do Pierce for Brent Barry. But
I'm open to some deals that I'm sure most on the list would consider


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Oui. I don't like the trade either.  Seems to me we should attempt to
hang on to our one lone star player and not be in the business of
one Pedro Martinez rookie card for two Derek Lowes.


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