Ainge Needs To Draft At Least Two Centers

wayray at wayray at
Mon May 17 17:41:50 CDT 2004

Why, you ask?

Because you can always trade Big Men for Star Quality players at other positions, 
but it's much more difficult to do the inverse.  For instance, the current rumor is
that Dallas will send Antawn Jamison to the Land of Cleve for Desagna Diop,
Tony Battie, and Dajuan Wagner.  The Mavs are so desperate for a center, 
that they have to take a chance on the the slow developing DeSagna and the 
ever injured Battie. Any ways, a great deal for Cleveland, who should be able to find
a promising PG at 10 to round out their team. 

As for the Celtics, there are so many available Centers in the draft between 8
and 51, they should be able to come up with  two of them among 
Podkolzine, Ramos, Samardizki, Swift, Araujo, Petro, Harrison, Big Mullah, 
Chan, Jin, and Sebastiao crowd.

Harrison from Colorado might be a good risk at 25 - very good talent, complete
nut job - maybe the talent will win out.

And Petro from Guadeloupe/France, 7-1, athletic 260 is growing on me - more of a
motor than Moiso, then again, who doesn't have?

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